Monday, December 05, 2005

Jon T.V show # 5

The Gilmore Girls.

Hello, this week it's my last T.V show. I have watched all episodes and I can explain how
characters in my program have changed and grown over the weeks I have been watching
my program and how the story has developed. First, Lorelai has achived her big goal.
Lorelai has opened her Dragonfly Inn's. After many weeks, she has faller in love with Luke.
The parents of lorelai, Richard and Emily have started their separation. But, after a reflextion,
Emily announced the end of their separation.Rory was honored in her school.Lorelai and Rory
had encounted many problems and aventures.
I would like to watch an other english T.V show.
Thanks !

Jon T.V show # 4

The gilmore Girls.

Hello, my name is Rory Gilmore. I study in a prestigious school and my best friend is my mother Lorelai Gilmore. The last week, I studied in my school and I was happy when headmaster Hanlin Charleston from her old prep school asked for favour. He wanted me to
help a young student. I was interested because I am the best student of this school and I am
studious. But, I was furious when I learned that Anna, who was thinking of applying to however.
This supposed good student is much more interested in boys than academics. Plus, I was angry
because she ran off to her party. Meanwhile, my mother and Luke had their first argument. It
was sad.

Thanks !

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Jon TV 3

Jonathan Moise
Gilmore girls
On global edmonton TV show

1- How was the relationship between Lorelai and Luke?
After same reflextion Lorelai and Luke sarted a new Luck.

2-What the news with Lorelai and Rory?
Lorelai and Rory felt obligated a bachelorette party for the grandparents.

3-When did they made this party?
They made this party on the night before the renewed their marriage.

4-How did Luke and Christopher react together?
They are angry.

5-Who is Rory?
Rory is the dauther of Lorelai.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Jon TV 2

The Gilmore girls
Jonathan Moise
Global channel
101 Words

This week in my TV program the main characters were developing. Lorelai was happy when
boyfriend Luke wanted to speak with lorelai. Luke invited Lorelai to a cinema to give her
an important message. Luke said that he was breaking his relation. Luke didn't understant
why Lorelai spoke again with Jason her old boyfriend . Lorelai didn' t know how to answer.
After a good reflextion , Luke said : Lorelai a need a break to clean my head. Lorelai was
sad and her best friend Amelie comforted her when Jason called Lorelai.

Have a nice day.

Monday, September 12, 2005


20h00 ,TUESDAY


This program is very good.The main characters are Lorelai, Rory, Jason and Luke. The main character is Lorelai. Lorelai is my favorite character because she’s a cool mother. She has blues eyes and brown hair. This week, Lorelai prepares for he Dragonfly Inn’s opening. It’s a big day for Lorelay, but, more problems arise when Jason arrives because he loves Lorelai and she love Luke. Jason is her old boyfriend. Afterwards, Lorelai speaks with her daughter Rory who has many problems because she has a bad experience with an oldder man .Lorelai and Rory have a privileged relation. The next week, I will check this TV program show.

Have a nice day.